Supedrol, Your Ultimate Companion to Bodybuilding

Superdrol is a type of anabolic steroid which is renowned for bringing about tremendously fast strength and muscle gain. This is a strong reason why you should consider using superdrol which is now on sale at any regular supplement stores.

Also known as methasterone, superdrol is a type of oral anabolic steroid which has been being marketed as a pro-hormone. Initially, superdrol was being sold as an over-the-counter designer steroid in the United States for tremendous muscle gain. In a single month alone, you can use superdrol to add at least 10 pounds of mass of lean muscle without running the risks associated with steroids, such as liver damage and a waning libido.

It is worth knowing that unlike steroids whose use has largely been proscribed, methasterone was legally received into the market, with the brand name, Super Anadrol. The name was then clipped to superdrol. This means that anyone could walk into any GNC stores and purchase superdrol. Since superdrol was marketed as the sole Superdrol pro-hormone, the drug enjoyed a huge commercial success because of its legality. It is this opportunity which enabled bodybuilders to abide by the Anabolic Steroids Act, 1994 and its 1994 Amendment.

Again, superdrol remains the chief sought-after oral steroid because it is highly anabolic without registering much of the androgenic side effects such as hair loss, reduced libido, inordinate appearance of body hair and acne. Research results state that superdrol has a Q-ratio of 20. This means that it is 400% anabolic and 20% androgenic. It is because of this that the legal proscription of the drug has offered very little deterrence in the bodybuilding world, specifically among those interested in major muscle gain.

Superdrol as a compound delivers significantly staggering results within the second week of its use. It is because of this property that superdrol is normally used as a kickstarter, especially when combined with long-ester injectables such as testosterone cypionate, boldene undecylenate and trenbolone enanthate. The common experience that users have registered is an addition of at least 10 pounds of lean muscle mass within the first month. There are more tremendous gains when the effects of the long-ester drugs begin to kick in.

It is also interesting to know that unlike testosterone where the beginner doses 500mg per week, new users of superdrol are strongly advised to begin with a daily dosage of 10mg per week. As your use of the drug progresses into the second and third weeks, you can up your daily dosage of superdrol to 20mg. Half of the dosage should be taken in the morning and the remaining half, in the evening.


It is for these reasons above that many consider the user of superdrol an inevitability among bodybuilders. The fact that bodybuilders still purchase superdrol under different names even after its ban in 2006 indicate the need for the government to slap the ban and put the use of superdrol under FDA’s regulation.

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