Steroids for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a process that involves alterations in the body. These modifications require rigorous muscle hypertrophy, which is a process that adds to the size of the muscle cells. Bodybuilding is a sport of muscle displaying which did not exist earlier than 19th century. As the game became popular a number of competitions started being held across the world. The competitive behavior of participants led them to the use of performance enhancing drugs. These drugs known as steroids help competitors perform at a best possible level. Anabolic steroids help building up of protein in cellular tissue that is muscles. Anabolic steroids have properties that help growth and maintenance of male secondary characteristics. All anabolic steroids are fatal and unsafe. With the rise in recognition of bodybuilding during the late 20th century, the globe also saw an increase in the consumption of anabolic steroids not just for bodybuilding but for other sports as well.

Competitors use steroids for bodybuilding to resist their genetic makeup so as to achieve the size and firmness of body suitable for winning that is inconceivable before using steroids. Performances are significantly improved by using these steroids. Muscle Glycogen Resynthesis is an imperative facet in bodybuilding. Bodybuilders need to feel pumped up for a competition which is achieved by loading up glycogen stores of the skeletal muscles. Glutamine, given to an individual via intravenous drip, raises glycogen level in muscles.

Winstrol is an artificial anabolic steroid for bodybuildingderived from testosterone. It is officially approved for use by mankind. This steroid is chosen by many bodybuilders for lean body since it allows strength enhancement with a lot of weight gain. This drug accentuate veins a characteristic preferred by bodybuilders. It does not lead to water retention and infact increases rate of urination. Winstrol is used to get rid of fat from body yet maintaining lean body mass.

Dianabol is another anabolic steroid for bodybuilding.This is for bodybuilders that require bulking up and helps muscle development. Water retention is a drawback related to this steroid. Bodybuilders choose this steroid when the aim is to gain mass muscle. Dianabol is stressful for liver and leads to baldness. It is banned and hence not manufactured legally.

Performance enhancing drugs are forbidden for athletes. Administrating such steroids into a competitor’s body is regarded as cheating. Managements of competitions test participants for such steroids to ensure fair contest. A lot of professional athletes are banned from further competition due to usage of steroids. These steroids for bodybuilding can have undesirable affects. Most familiar is high blood pressure, which can be very dangerous for bodybuilders since they have less fat and prominent veins. All specialized bodybuilders use steroids whether they accept it or not. Food supplements are safer and work almost as effectively as steroids. Although, bodybuilders symbolize best health and physique, the use of steroids leads to high cholesterol which is quite unhealthy. As soon as the bodybuilders stop exercising, their muscles start to loosen up and convert to fat.


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