Muscle Building Steroids

Many people take muscle building steroids for developing muscles quickly to appear good without going through a lot of exertion of exercises. Lazy people choose steroid over workout to gain mass muscles. Almost all athletes especially bodybuilders get steroids for building muscles to perform better at competitions. The majority of these steroids are derived from the male hormone called testosterone. This leads to the growth of muscle as the male hormone increases the number of receptors on the muscle tissue. These steroids enter body cells and stimulate the production of protein. This fabrication of protein is used for the repairing and developing of muscle tissues. Apart from muscle building, steroids help in quicker recuperation from infections and sicknesses. This is because additional production of protein allows rapid restoration of the body. Muscle building steroids can either be taken orally or injected into muscles. As much as all this sounds great, it is definitely not healthy.

Use ofmuscle building steroidshas a number of adverse side-effects related to an individual’s health and appearance. Cancer is one of the common consequences caused due to steroids. Various athletes disagree by saying that it is the drug abuse that leads to these unexpected results. Whereas, in reality, any drug that disturbs the balance within the body will have an effect. Here are some of the side-effects observed due to the use of steroids:

  • As stated before muscle building steroids contain high amounts of testosterone hormone. It has been observed that high levels of this hormone have massive effects on personality. Users of such steroids are found to be more aggressive and vicious, and tend to be more reckless. Abusers have an inclination to be stressed out due to high level of apprehension. A lot of users become addicted and experience severe mood swings.

  • Muscle building steroids quite often causes withholding of water a consequence of which is swollen face and eyes. Facial hair is the most obvious side-effect of consuming steroids. Females who use steroids generally have facial hair and a rough voice because these steroids contain the male hormone. Contrary to this we frequently encounter receding hairline or baldness in people who use steroids. Bodybuilders are normally bald! Prolonged use of such drugs can be very harmful for eyes. Cataract and glaucoma are two most widespread eye diseases resulting from using steroids.

  • Steroids prove to be rather unfavourable for organs. Muscle building drugs are known for decreasing good cholesterol and increasing bad cholesterol. This can lead to high blood pressure and eventually stroke or heart attack as the blood clots in the vessels disturbing the normal blood flow. Increased blood clotting leads to kidney injuries and they have to work harder to adjust blood pressure. It is kidney’s function to maintain salt and water levels that then regulate a normal blood pressure. High protein levels can result in kidney stones that cause problems with urinary tract.

Muscle building steroids are harmful therefore one should think of other ways of developing muscles that are safe and healthy.


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