Hormonal Changes And Menopausal Weight Gain

The term menopause denotes an inevitable period in a woman’s life when her ovaries cease to function and her menstruation cycle first becomes abrupt and then stops altogether. It is a clear indicative of advancing age in females and renders them incapable of bearing a child.


Menopause is also associated with weight gain which is not inevitable and can be averted if proper diet and a work out regime are inculcated in the daily routine. A very valid and often asked question that arises here is how exactly menopause is linked with weight gain? Many females don’t delve into the details and think of the weight gain as unavoidable which is far from the truth.


Menopause triggers hormonal changes in the body which make it less capable of producing estrogen and progesterone, this in turn causes the body incapable to retain lean muscle mass and leaves it prone to fat accumulation and ultimately weight gain. It is also observed that women going through menopause are less likely to undertake strenuous physical exertion compared to their less aged counterparts but still maintain the same dietary pattern. This exacerbates the situation and piles on the body’s already impeded natural mechanism to sufficiently burn calories.

Researchers have also revealed that for many women who are genetically predisposed to obesity like having overweight parents might also play a significant role in menopausal weight gain. It has also been proven that women going through menopause are more emotionally unstable and unsettling events which trigger severe emotional reactions also contribute to increase in body weight of these individuals.

Most women take it pretty lightly but the ramifications of menopausal weight gain if not brought under control includes deadly diseases such as heart stroke, elevated cholesterol level, diabetes and even cancer. So if you have the symptoms like having excessive belly fat and have just gone through menopause you need to take some quick measures to safe yourself from these potentially lethal ailments.

Prudence is the call of the day for avoiding menopausal weight and the techniques for doing so are no different from what one would employ to ward off excessive body fat under normal circumstances.

Like mentioned before menopausal females are likely to let themselves go and don’t undertake strenuous physical activities. It is highly recommended by fitness experts that at least 30 minutes of each day should be dedicated to cardio workout which keeps your heart beat per minute within a specified range for a particular amount of time. This would in turn ensure that you burn calories and fat that has accumulated and depending upon the overall volume of this accumulation the duration should be increased to achieve optimum results.

The workout results would be augmented further if they are accompanied by a properly configured diet. In order to cut your way through those fat deposits you would have to eat smart! Meaning you have to consume food that is not high in fat content like deep fried food or desserts which are commonly known as figure busters.


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