Hi Tech Dianabol

Another drug developed to aid athletes and body builders, Hi-tech dianabol, is an anabolic supplement, which increases the muscle mass of the body. However, it is slightly different from others in the sense that it contains certain herbal extracts which not just build muscle but they help the body lose extra fat too. That in turn allows the body to very quickly develop muscles, making it stronger, lowering the ability of the body to feel fatigue.

Hi-tech dianabol shares its name with an illegal steroid, sold over the counter, known to cause an explosive increase in muscle mass. This raises serious questions over the ethics behind the advertising strategies adopted by the developers. Since the name is similar, anyone can easily confuse the two, getting far more than he bargained for.

Hi-tech dianabol not only develops muscles but helps to retain the muscles already present in the body. It works like a catalytic amino acid converter which helps to preserve muscles, adding to the muscular weight of the body.

How does Hi-tech dianabol work?

Hi-tech dianabol works by considerably increasing the synthesis of protein in the body and preserving as much nitrogen as possible to synthesize even more. This allows the body to receive a boost in energy, allowing it to perform better and for longer periods of time without tiring out. While working out, or during strenuous exercises, the body breaks down some of the muscle protein for energy. Hi-tech dianabol has been developed mainly to retain this protein.

While it has not been proved yet, some people claim that the supplement has very few negative effects on the body, keeping the body functioning as normally as possible. Also since it contains a mixture of herbs and chemicals, the muscular boost in the body lasts longer. Very little difference in hormones levels are witnessed as well.

How safe is hi tech dianabol

The answer to this question is a little tricky; while it still is anabolic, it is not a steroid. That in itself sets it apart from the other drugs available in the market, claiming to increase muscle mass. However, to say it is completely safe without any side effects will be extremely untrue. Every drug in some way alters the normal bodily functions, disrupting the ongoing processes, or raising the levels of certain chemicals in the body. All these things can have negative effects on the body in the long run.


The supplement is usually taken with meals three times a day. Being a strong drug, it may induce nausea and vomiting if taken on an empty stomach.

Other information

Hi-tech dianabol is a product of Hi-tech manufacturing company. It is said to contain a balanced mixture of herbs with chemicals that work harmoniously with the body’s natural chemicals to increase the lean mass muscle, melting away the extra fat. Being a promoter of protein synthesis, this supplement encourages more uptake of amino acids by the muscles, providing them with more energy. This decreases the time the muscles need to rest to overcome fatigue.

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