Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides


For ages human beings are trying to find the cure of aging, a revolutionary drug that brings them closer to mortality. Though to date no such drug has been invented or discovered but in these attempts some other miraculous drugs have been invented. Growth hormone releasing peptides is such a life altering drug which is used by professionals and health enthusiasts. It gained popularity because of its various variants which can be customized according to individual needs and have no risks generally associated with growth hormones. In human bodies, growth hormone is the fountain of youth and as one ages, body produces lesser amounts of growth hormone thus decreasing metabolism rate, muscle recovery, endurance and fitness. However, different variants of Growth hormone releasing peptides offer therapies that can help people in maintaining a steady flow of growth hormone, by injecting these drugs to produce artificial stimuli that enhance secretion and production of growth hormone.

This enhanced production of growth hormone improves size and number of muscle cells, increases elasticity thus removing wrinkles, improves fitness, enhances testosterone levels and magnify endurance of the body. All these are attained with very minor or absolutely no side effects. Bear in mind that some variants of Growth hormone releasing peptides are designed for professionals and they bring greater results but have many side effects associated with them. We are specifically talking about GHRP2, which brings enormous gains though they can’t be compared to the gains brought by professional drugs. Also growth hormone releasing peptides produce best results when taken under the supervision of professional athletes or doctors, knowing the right combination, dosage amount, frequency, training and rest pattern along with maintaining proper diet demands surveillance of a professional eye. These all factors are important in bringing the desired results.

It is seen in human bodies that after the age of 40, growth hormone is produced in very little quantities. This low level of growth hormone effects testosterone levels, accumulates body fats, reduces rate of metabolism and hinders in maintaining blood sugar level. Growth hormone releasing peptides don’t offer the traditional 191 amino acids but they offer limited supply amino acids. When taken in guidance of professionals it has the capability to change all these effects and offers opportunity of reviving the body. Along with all these results, it also brings the similar anabolic effect associated with HGH drugs, though the level of results is not comparable to other high potency drugs being used by professional athletes. But that is the point of Growth hormone releasing peptides, they are designed not for professionals but for ordinary fitness enthusiasts, guys and gals who don’t want to compete in Mr. Olympia or Miss Fitness, but want to have a normal, healthy and active life style.

The other variant which is GHRP 6, used mainly by professionals, offer similar or better results but with some risks and common side effects. It is advisable in both cases that this drug should be used according to prescribed use and experimentation must be kept at a minimal level to avoid any ill effects of these drugs.

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