How To Gain Weight Fast

Recently obesity is the prime concern of a majority of world population. As people get out of the house to find a job and eat more outside their homes, dietary habits quickly go out of control and they are left with more weight and more tension. Some people eat more exactly when they are happy to spend their hard-earned money on themselves. Some women may have cravings for eating when they are going through a stressful time. However, there are many people who also suffer from thinness and would like to gain weight. Owing to their weak body they suffer from loss of hair, teeth, an unhealthy skin, and definitely a slow recovery from illness. If you are thin or underweight you need to know the main reason behind your physicality


Reasons of Thinness


The first factor operational behind inability to gain weight is ‘heredity’ or genetic make-up. Secondly, if you have a fast metabolism your weight gain will be restricted. Thirdly, if you are an active sportsperson then your body is likely to burn more calories and leave very little aft to be stored and create ‘mass’. Finally, if you don’t fell up for eating anything due to stress, climate, or just a poor dietary schedule then your weight gaining will be hampered till infinity. Other than that heavy medication owing to a lingering ailment, metabolic disorders, anorexia etc. may all lead to your underweight disposition.


How To Gain Weight In A Fast And Easy Manner


The following tips may help you in knowing how to gain weight fast.


  • Have a balanced diet. This means you should go for 60_70% carbohydrates, 15-20% proteins and adequate amounts of fat, vitamins, and minerals in your diet.
  • Unlike obese people, you are free to take 3 meals every day. You can also pitch in your favorite snacks in between. Biscuits, chips, rolls, chocolates, dry fruits, yogurt will all make for nice snacks.
  • If you have a full stomach feeling quickly then add foods that are richer in caloric content like boiled eggs instead of baked potatoes, raisins rather than grapes..
  • Avoid a high fat and sugar content in foods, because finally you want to come into a near-ideal shape and don’t want to go obese and start a round of dieting.
  • Have your time fixed for each meal so that your digestive s system works properly. You would know when you best feel hungry and will be able to gain weight better when eating in those periods.
  • Avoid drinking water, juice or any beverages at least half hour before you start your meal. Fluids tend to worn out appetite and restricting them will lead to better intake capacity.
  • It is better if you drink mixed fruit juice instead of pure one. You will get more calories this way.
  • Make your diet rich in ‘healthy fat’, but keep it in moderation. Olives, fatty fish, French fries, and avocados are good sources.
  • Take a minimum rest of 6 hours each night so that you are clam throughout the day. Your body also stores fat better in the night.


You can also research the internet for tips on how to gain weight fast which will give you a proper tabulation of dietary intake.


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