How To Gain Weight Fast For Men

If you are a man looking for a proper plan on gaining weight fast, you definitely are not in for the unisex tips being handed out in dietary program and even exercises. It is a matter of common sense that a man and woman’s body have been made differently, hence a man’s body is supposed to gain weight in a different manner than a woman’s. Hence a distinct process and plan is required to make them gain weight.

It so happens that the extremely brawny men shown on the cover of body building magazines never really had to deal with being skinny in their lives. This means that you cannot just pick up any regime given in those muscle MAGs and think that you can turn out looking like the man on cover. The things recommended over there is eating more and lifting more. Being skinny your problem had always been the inability to eat more. You will need to deal with this first by changing your dietary routine or timings rather than the food itself.

Get yourself a proper workout program and a proper diet schedule on gaining weight. It is difficult to gain weight when you have a high metabolism. Your body does not let the calories get stored in your body and burns them instantly which make it almost impossible to gain weight unless you increase your diet tremendously. Because of this reason people who are thin, shy away from exercises fearing that it will make them burn weight. Some exercises are neither to gain or lose weight, but to keep the body fit and release the tension in your body parts. Thin people cannot really do any exercise even to relax their minds. For this reason, a proper exercise guide is necessary which would tell them to take up exercises that will make them increase weight.

Weight training exercises that let you use equipment of variable resistance are pretty effective. Free weights on barbells and dumbbells can be used. Other than that pulley machines with weight on cables can also be used by men who want to gain weight fast. In these type of weight-gaining exercises a lot of stress is put on supporting muscle groups. You will be fatigued more in the beginning, but with proper diet and days of training you will get used to the stress.

Since you know that metabolically you burn more calories than you can consume, your weight gaining equation should be “calories eaten > calories consumed”. You really need to first understand that how much calories your body burns in a day. This can be done with the help of a calorie calculator and your weighing machine. Here’s a sample of how you will gain weight. Initially take 500 more calories than usual. If your body burns 1800 calories per day you should start consuming 2300 calories. Keep eating close (or even higher) than this mark and you are likely to gain weight over time. Keep monitoring from your weighing machine.


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