What To Do To Gain Weight

Weight loss is at its peak level as people are gradually being obsessed with the idea of the “ideal” figure. However, there are also thousands of people who hate being that thin and want to gain a little weight. It’s good to be trim and smart, but it’s terrible if you are as thin as a stick! If you have a chronic food eating disorder then you should visit an expert and get medical help as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you are naturally thin and want to gain on a little weight, here are a few steps you could follow.

Get a Good Calorie Count

Losing weight requires losing calories, whereas gaining weight requires gaining calories. The typical calorie count for an average person is up to 2,000. If you eat 3 bowls of Chicken Chow Mein, you could easily get up to 2,000 calories (and even more if the serving is very heavy). The calorie level for gaining weight in men and women is different. You could get the accurate calculations through online weight gain calculators that are effective for this purpose. Getting a good calorie count doesn’t mean that you resort to having junk food and consume oily stuff. This is because junk food doesn’t help in a proportionate weight increase. It will just give you a protruded belly (when saturated fats are not anymore needed by the body) and that certainly isn’t weight gain. Apart from that you will also be having digestion as well as constipation problems if you depend on junk food to be your sole weight gain strategy.

Eat Healthy

Though fruits and vegetable consumption is often enforced for weight loss strugglers, it is also suggested for weight gain strugglers. When you eat fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, meat etc, you definitely are going to gain healthy weight. Make delicious foods at home with these products and you will notice gradual weight gain. You can also consume regularly on milk, butter, and cheese (not the pizza cheese!).

Body Building

When you are in the process of weight gain, you also have to hit the gym. It’s a much easier process to hit the gym and lose weight, rather than get to the gym and putting on weight. Your regular weight gain program would consist of muscle training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and consuming a high protein diet. You would have to go through an intensive training program that could last up to a year, if you want a strong, muscular weight gain. This does not only apply to men, as ladies too can have a good muscle mass. That doesn’t mean that the lady would end up having muscles like a man (a huge misconception about women body building), but it would mean that the lady will develop a strong and firm body structure.

Take Supplements

You may need some vitamin supplements to help with the weight gain, however, take this only under the advice of a dietician or an expert. Do not go out and buy just about any supplement out there as some of them may not be healthy for you.

Follow a regular and systematic procedure and very soon, you would be gaining on weight.


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