Everything You Need To Know About Tren

Tren short for trenbolone is an anabolic steroid used as an injectable. This steroid can be used for any kind of enhancement, but if you are a rookie body builder you should steer clear of it. It should only be taken by intermediate and advanced level builders.

Tren comes in three forms:

• Trenbolone acetate: it is an injectable steroid also known as fina because it was sold in the names finaject and finajet. It was a veterinary grade steroid which was popular with bodybuilders in the 70’s and 80’s. it was discontinued in the late 80’s but was later brought back as an implant pellet called finaplix. It was not long before athletes came up with a way to turn it into an injectable form of which is used today.

• Trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate/hexahydrobenzylcarbonate: this is the only human grade tren. It is also known as parabolan. It was found useful in the treatment of many medical conditions and it remained useful until it was discontinued in 1997. It is available but in the black market.

• Trenbolone enanthate: this is strictly an anabolic steroid that you can find on the black market. It first came to the market in 2004. The only difference between tren-e and the other trens is that it only needs to be injected two times a week. Although it is not as common and tren-a, or as easily available it is still preferred because of its half-life.

Here are some of the advantages and side effects of tren:


· It increases the rate at which your cells make protein this means more is available for production and work thus building your muscle faster. Increased proteins also improve your recovery rate during the time of growth and loss.

· It increases the count of your red blood cells. We all know that red blood cells carry oxygen to the body, an increase means that your blood has more oxygen levels in it. This, in turn, improves muscle endurance and recovery.

· It increases nutrient efficiency. This means that your body uses up all fat, carbohydrate, and protein you take in. Every diet and calorie becomes of more value and progress is made.

· You can achieve a lean muscle look because of tren’s increased nitrogen retention.

Side effects

· Excessive sweating, especially at night,

· Anxiety,

· Fast heartbeat,

· Liver or kidney damage,

· Insomnia.


As always, it is important to research about a steroid you intend to use so that you can take the necessary measures. Some of these side effects can be mitigated by using it with other supplements.

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