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You can buy steroids, HCG, erectile disfunction drugs and many other pharmaceutical products through online pharmacies which is great because you can save yourself lots of money, but because these online pharmaceutical companies are unregulated purchasing through them can sometimes be risky. Read on to find out how you can minimize the risk by using an online pharmacy which has a proven track record.

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The Source Check Group is over 700 people strong now. These are all people just like you who are mainly looking for reliable sources where they can buy steroids online. This group was put together because out of the thousands of websites that claim to sell steroids a vast majority of them are total frauds. Most will just take your money and you will never hear from them again. Other are what we refer to as selective scammers. You make a few small purchases and then once they have your confidence they start ripping you off on your larger orders. They may send you a vial of an injectable steroid which turns out to be cooking oil or they might tell you they sent you and order when they actually didn’t. These selective scammers are the most difficult companies to find any real information on. You will see lots of mixed reviews so making a decision based on any real facts is impossible.

You will find many sites that offer reviews on steroid websites. These sites are useless as anyone can join an post fake reviews. The Source Check Group is different because all of our members are real people. We don’t have a massive membership because our plan is to keep the circle tight. This keeps out the scammers and ensures that our community is solid. You will not find another site like it anywhere. You may find similar source check sites but there is a big difference between us and them. The Source Check Group is 100% sponsor free. This is very important. As soon as a site accepts sponsors it corrupts the community. If a member has issues with an order they placed and then they complain about that sponsored site the comment gets deleted or the moderaters punish them with a temporary ban. Now how can you be sure that the reviews are legit when the sponsors have the power over what peoples opinions? You can’t and that is why the Source Check Group is unique.

napsgear is a very popular steroid site. You will see positive reviews posted for them all over the place, but wouldn’t you like to know the truth about them? The hate the Source Check Group because we tell it like it is. How would you like to deal with a company that offers customer support like this:

This response from napsgear has been edited for offensive language.

“So because of… Show more your ignorance using the wrong site it’s our problem? WE ARE NOT .COM. We could give a s**t about your “glowing reviews”. You think some nobody piece of s**t like you is going to keep customers from using us when they know that we are the best in the business simply because you made the mistake of ordering from the wrong site and want to feel sorry for yourself and try to blame others for your f**k up? We could have you banned from every major forum out there, simply by giving the admins your IP address, *******, and having them look up who you are and block it from the forums. And since the feds are watching all the major boards it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all to post your IP address in public along with your email address and correspondence you’ve sent here admitting that you order drugs into your country illegally. But I have better things to do with my time than waste them on a sorry sack of s**t who has nobody to blame for his mistake than himsel
f. Another thing that goes to show how full of s**t and ignorant you are is that if you were really on that many forums or knew anything about “word of mouth” in this game, then you would know that all the major forums and real vets in this game are well aware that .NET is the real Naps site now and that .Com is a scam site ran by Genxxl and the Axio people. But a wannabe somebody like yourself wouldn’t know that because you are an idiot who doesn’t know s**t, and that’s why your “glowing reviews” won’t mean shit to anyone. We did about $15k in sales today, so keep patting yourself on the back… it’s obviously really killing us over here. Now don’t waste my d*mn time anymore, I have actual customers of ours to deal with, not pieces of s**t like you who have never ordered from us and are just trying to get something for free, you broke pathetic f**k.”

Being a member of the Source Check Group community is like hanging out with a group of friends. If they ordered from a site and the service was crap they are not going to hold anything back. You will quickly find out which companies are the ones you will want to deal with.

If you would like some more tips on ordering steroids online visit

Happy holidays!

P.S. Use this coupon code before the end of Cyber Monday to save on a lifetime membership to the Source Check Group: ***** (Sorry this coupon code is expired)

P.P.S. This is the very first Cyber Monday where we have offered a discount to the Source Check Group and we may never do it again. Here is the scoop on why – To make a long story short our brutal honesty has made us very unpopular with people out there who want to steal money from you. Our site suffered several attacks which shut us down.

Before these attacks we had a vibrant helpful community; however the last 2 years were a difficult time for us. We moved the site to a new domain and implemented measures to make sure we wouldn’t have this issues ever again. 2 days ago we moved back to our original domain. Many of  our core members don’t even know that the site is back up so it is very quiet. We need you to help the Source Check Group to become the same kind of community it used to be. In exchange for your support we will be dedicated to ensuring that you always have the best information on where to find legit steroid websites.

There are some excited new changes coming to the Source Check Group. Join now at the discounted rate and watch us grow.

Stay tuned for updates on new features we will be adding.

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