Bodybuilding with Steroids

Athletes are too much keen on taking steroids. The rate is getting higher in non-athletes and even male and female students in the US. Body builders are also essentially athletes, the only difference being that their training is harder and more strenuous and they have to keep on increasing their muscle weight and endurance instead of keeping their mass stable like other running, playing athletes. Not all bodies are designed to have the tendency of weight gain which can frustrate a lot of bodybuilding enthusiasts whether they want to take part in competitions or just show off their muscles to get attention.

When athletes utilize anabolic steroids or muscle steroids to achieve size and power, it can damage the normal functioning of the kidney as suggested by a paper from the American society of Nephrology. If steroids are used habitually harmful effects are seen on the kidneys.

Usually bodybuilding steroids are available in the black market through illegal channels. No prescription is given by doctors for these steroids for regular use. However, they have been in use since 1930s in some ways. It is recognized that doing bodybuilding with steroid in right quantity lead to muscle and mass gain. However, you need to get the steroids recommended to you by a fitness trainer.

Two schools of thought run for doing bodybuilding with steroids. One is in favor of it for building up endurance and mass. This group is ofcourse the athletic group. The other group, led by medical practitioners, opposes it vehemently in the long run it brings along various strange changes in the functioning of human body. As said in beginning, the reports of the American medical paper had results based on 10 body builders who were using steroids for many years. They developed protein leakage in the urine from a reduction in the normal functioning of the kidney. The condition is called focal segmentalglomerulosclerosis, which is a scarring of the kidneys. When they kidney work overtime because of large protein intake, in the form of steroids, then protein leakage occurs. Upon discontinuation of the steroids, the condition of the kidneys did improve in 9 bodybuilders while the 10th one developed the last stage leading to kidney failure. Researchers concluded that when muscle mass increases very quickly the kidneys are not able to cope up and get over-stressed. This shows that steroids have toxic and even fatal effects on the body organs.

Strange enough bodybuilding with steroids leads to naturally-opposing effects on male and female bodybuilders. The females may get facial hair growth and the males may develop breast tissues due to reduction in testosterone production. The need for steroids is most near a competition when pumped up muscles are the rage.

However, there is no excuse to damaging your body internally in the long run for any sort of competition in the physicals business or social world. It is somehow the same as the race for making money which makes a person mentally ill. Conclusively, it is suggested that steroids should be taken in cycles with intervals of discontinuation so that body functioning goes back to normal.


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