Best Prohormone Stack 2016

I know you are all wondering what prohormones are. Let’s get the introduction out of the way. Prohormones are steroid hormones. They are used by body builders to boost muscle mass and increase testosterone. Taking them leads to increased strength and size. They make you feel sort of like a superhero and since they are milder than steroids they have slightly low risks. Prohormones are converted to desired hormones when they enter the body and each prohormone does something different which is great because you can choose the right one for you and your goal.

There were many illegal prohormones but they were all banned in 2014. They then released SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) products which were also later banned. What is left in the market now is only a legal, high-quality bunch. These are legal, pure prohormones that promise better results than the many side effects you would get from black market steroids.

Now that we have gotten the introduction out of the way, here are some of the legal prohormones you can use for that muscled up body you want.

1. 1-Androsterone: also known as 1-andro. Admittedly, it is by far one of the best prohormones. It can help you build more than 10lbs of lean muscle in 30days especially when incorporated with a good exercise regimen and diet. Interesting enough, It is one of the few hormones that have had controlled research done with it on humans for a period of 4 weeks. This is to reassure you of your wellbeing and to put your mind at ease. Here are some of the advantages you need to know:

• You do not have to worry about hair loss with this prohormone.

• It increases the body’s recovery after training.

• You can easily combine it with any other supplements you may have in your medicine cabinet.

• If you are health conscious here is one advantage you will like: Since it does not require liver support, it will not damage your liver thus making it one of the best prohormones out there.

• It increases your strength and reduces body fat.

• Since it is a dry compound it will not cause you discomfort from bloating nor water retention.

• It can also help you to cut and get ripped.

2. 4-Androsterone: this hormone is also known as 4-Andro. When it is absorbed by the body it converts to testosterone. Here are some of the advantages of this prohormone:

• You will not see as much muscle gain with this hormone as you will find with 1-Andro but you will see a notable increase in your muscle mass and improvement in strength.

• You will have reduced bloating effects and water retention from estrogen conversion. The little water retention is beneficial in such ways as adding to strength and supporting joints.

• You will have an increase in your overall well-being and will also notice that you will be in a better mood.

• You will have an increased recovery after training.

• You can easily combine it with any of the supplements in your arsenal.

• It does not reduce libido and does not cause joint pains.

3. Epi-Andro: like many bodybuilders getting a legal prohormone that can give you lots of benefits in one package is very important. This product claims to do just that. It is a non-methylated anabolic compound which changes naturally to stanilone which is shown to occur naturally in most mammals including pigs. Here are some of the advantages of using Epi-Andro:

• Whether your goal is to lose or gain strength this prohormone is perfect for you since it converts into stalone which helps burn fats, harden muscles and increase strength just the way you like it.

• It is also a strength booster which allows you to lift heavier and harder.

• It will help you retain muscle mass especially if you are on a caloric diet.

• While using this prohormone you do not have to worry about your libido as it increases libido and also improves your mood.

In conclusion, if you want to start bodybuilding or you are already a body builder and are looking for the best legal prohormones to use, the above mentioned are the best prohormones in 2016. Although you will notice little or no estrogenic side effects while using 1-andro, 4-Andro and Epi-Andro it is recommended that you have an IA, such as exemestane on hand.

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